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Address Line 127 Oaken Wood Road, Thorpe Hesley
Town / CityRotherham
CountryUnited Kingdom
PostcodeS61 2UP
Service AreaEngland
Phone01146 986245
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Monday - Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Welcome to Lafayette Shutters, we specialise in high quality bespoke Plantation Shutters. Window shutters have been around a long time, they can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, it was quite a simple idea to keep out the elements…. keep it warmer or cooler… it worked quite well…. So well…. that as the centuries passed the more popular they became, the name Plantation Shutter derives from the southern states of America where the cotton and coffee plantations in the late 17th early 18th centuries were situated. Lafayette, Louisiana was one such place and all the grand houses of the day were fitted with shutters to the windows to keep out the heat … or the cold… forward 250 years and they are still as popular as ever, however the Plantation Shutters of today are far superior to the ones of old, top quality materials, state of the art production techniques makes todays shutters a beautiful work of engineering design and craftsmanship which adds a certain elegance and sophistication to any property. So if you are looking for bespoke quality shutters at extremely affordable prices.